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1 Understanding metadata, what is metadata and what is it for? / Jenn Riley

Can we access our own metadata? For example from mobile carriers?
Is the AI future of the metadata creation?
Can you please explain what is a checksum and hash function?

2 The Value of Literacy / Octavia Butler, Samuel Delany

!!! Found this amazing hypertext novel by Michael Joyce Afternoon, the story.

3 Alt-Text As Poetry / Shannon Finnegan

I did not know you can use Alt text on instagram

This Open Source Software Could Make Museum Websites More Accessible
Really nice article about Coyote :Coyote is a free, open-source software that lives in the cloud, so anyone can adopt it. Editors log in and write descriptions for images assigned to them, which get reviewed before web developers present them to the public. Think of it like a Google Doc for image descriptions, Bahram said. There is an editing and approval flow that is really critical.

4 On Translation / Minae Mizumura

I could not think of any question, but here is a song

5 Forms

I was thinking - If I understand it correctly- by filling out the form we are also (in case of an amazon customer review) - helping them to improve their sales? By reading the article - I remember these examples of users unconsciously helping large corporations (image based) 10 year meme challenge data mining for train facial recognition algorithms on age progression and age recognition

And also suprsingly - our beloved old Captcha!

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